Q.  How long will the Pre-Orders be available online? ---- A. Platoon gear is available for Pre-Order for about a week.  After that they will not be available online until after graduation.  If you miss the Pre-Order period we will have extras available at our store in the main PX on family day and graduation but the sizes will be very limited.

Q.  If I make a Pre-Order and select the shipping option, will I receive my order before family day and graduation? ----  A.  No,  the orders are not printed until the Friday before graduation.  The earliest we could ship is the Monday before graduation, which means you probably wouldn't receive it be for your commute.  All of the orders will be at our store in the Main PX until after graduation, then they will be shipped.  You can pick up your order at the store during store hours.  If, you paid for shipping and pick it up at the store, we will be happy to refund your shipping.

Q.  How long will it take to receive my order?  ----  A.  Orders can take up to two weeks to ship.

Q.  If I select Pick Up At The Store when will it be available? ----  A.  If you order items 12 days before your Soldiers Graduation, your items will be available on or before Family Day.  If you order after the 12 days before Graduation it may take up to two weeks.

Q.  Will my soldier have the chance to purchase a shirt? ----  A.  Yes, your soldier will have the chance to order platoon items.  

Q.  Are the shirts I order online, going to be the same as the one my soldier orders? ----  A.  Yes, If you order a shirt before the description says digital.  Then it will be screen printed with the soldiers order.  If you order a shirt and the description say digital, then the shirt will be direct to garment printed and the colors may vary.  Also, with digital there will be no sleeve art.   

Q.  Will shirts be available to purchase at my soldiers graduation? ----  A.  Some companies carry a supply to purchase through their FRG at graduation.  Also, a limited amount will be available to purchase at the Specialty Shop in the main PX.

Q.  Can I cancel or return my platoon shirt order if I change my mind? ---- A.  No. All sales are final. We will not accept cancellations or returns on any platoon shirt orders. Please understand that platoon shirts are custom made and cannot
be resold after the graduation date. All other items returned will be honored for a refund.

Q.  How do I find the "Customer Pick Up Only" option? ---- A.  After filling out your billing address, just click the box at the bottom that states billing and shipping are the same. The next page will lead you to shipping options,
and "Customer Pick Up Only" will be your first choice.  

Q.  Can I pre-pay for my soldier’s order? ---- A.  No. There are many circumstances that can cause a soldier to be unable to attend their company's t-shirt delivery. To avoid confusion and maintain certainty that each
soldier has received what they ordered, soldiers in training must pay for their own shirts in cycle.

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